Stat 296/Sem 6 (Winter 2012)

Seminar Series with guest speakers every week describing their research and how it is related to statistics. The purpose of the CAS seminar is to introduce students to applied statistics problems in a variety of domains, and to facilitate apprenticeships with faculty in other departments such as Biostatistics, History, Computer Science, and Law.

The course will be every Tuesday 1-1:50pm in Boelter Hall 5233 for Winter 2012.

Enrollment information: Statistics 296, Seminar 6. 1.0 – 2.0 units. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only.

Janet Sinsheimer1-17-2012Download
Patty Gowaty1-24-2012Download
Kathrin Plath1-31-2012Download
Claudia Tebaldi2-7-2012
Christiane Barz2-14-2012Download
Aradhna Tripati2-21-2012Download
Catherine Sugar2-28-2012Download
Peggy Fong3-6-2012Download