Annmarie Eldering


Annmarie Eldering is currently at JPL as the deputy project scientist for OCO-2, a satellite to measure carbon dioxide that is being built and will launch in 2014. The smog of Los Angeles enticed her to Pasadena 24 years ago, when she studied air pollution during a PhD at Caltech. She has been at JPL for 12 years, starting as a research scientist doing detailed modeling of how light moves through the atmosphere when there are clouds and pollution, and what that means for satellite measurements. She applied these assessments to the TES satellite project (focused on measuring global air pollution) and the AIRs project (focused on measuring water vapor and temperature). Her research involves characterization of atmospheric water vapor and clouds, as well as air pollution, using satellite observations. She has now moved through a number of leadership and management positions (including the science lead of the TES satellite project, and manager of ~60 earth atmospheric scientists).