Janice Reiff


Janice Reiff is an Associate Professor in the Department of History. Her research and teaching interests lie in the broad areas of 20th Century US; Urbanization, Migration, and Work; Quantitative Methods in History; and the Digital Humanities. In addition to teaching courses in comparative urban and social history in the history department, she has been actively involved in several interdisciplinary efforts on campus including the GE cluster program, the W. M. Keck Digital Cultural Mapping initiative, and the new Digital Humanities minor and graduate certificate. She is currently finishing a book tentatively titled Industrial Towns, Suburban Dreams, Urban Realities: Pullman’s Communities, 1880-1981 that considers the relationship between private and public planning, industrialization and deindustrialization, and segregation on Chicago’s far South Side. Her newest project attempts to bring together the diverse and often contradictory descriptions and analysis of the the spaces of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles created by various New Deal agencies and the relationship between those descriptions and the rebuilding of those cities after World War II.