Katharine Mullen


Katharine Mullen is an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Statistics.  Prior to joining UCLA she was employed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland, first as a postdoctoral researcher in the Statistical Engineering Division and then as a staff scientist in the Ceramics Division.  She completed her doctorate in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the VU University Amsterdam in 2008; her thesis was entitled, “Separable nonlinear models: theory, implementation, and applications in physics and chemistry.”  Her current research interests include computational physics, chemometrics, computational statistics, and optimization.  She is a proponent of free and open source software, and is involved in the R Project for Statistical Computing, having been the chief organizer of the 2010 International R Users Conference, useR! 2010. She is the author of a number of widely used R packages for optimization and physics applications, as well as the CRAN Task View on Chemometrics and Computational Physics.  In addition to being an associate editor at the Journal of Statistical Software, she is involved in the newly founded Foundation for Open Access Statistics which will serve the journal by advancing its mission “to promote open access statistical software, open access publishing, and reproducible research in statistics.”